Witness the growth of forklift leader from downstream industry

Witness the growth of forklift leader from downstream industry

Short-term perspective:    It has been proved that the economic recovery is beyond our expectation through increasing forklift sales and expanding manufacturing industry. Forklift sales reached 202,600 units during the first 5 months this year, which increased by around 34% compared with that before. Meanwhile, PMI of manufacturing industry was 51.7% in June, which continues to be in the expanding section for 11 months. Manufacturing revenue was up by 13.2% compared with that during the first 5 months, which made a mutual proof that the economic recovery is beyond our expectation by increasing forklift sales and expanding manufacturing industry. Forklift industry welcomes its positive future whose sales is predicted to be 420,000 to 450,000 units, reaching a record high.


Long-term perspective:     It is possible to multiply forklift sales that we improve the expanding and osmotic manufacturing industry successfully. As main handling tools for long material, forklifts have been widely used in manufacturing industry, and are obviously influenced by the demand of downstream industry.

1) Constant growth of manufacturing industry

Manufacturing revenue had a constant growth from 2006 to 2016, which double itself to 104 trillion yuan during recent 10 years.

2) Growing permeability of forklifts

Increasing labor cost and transport logistics efficiency make it common to use forklifts. Per 100 million yuan corresponded with 1.59 forklifts in 2006, and was 2.31 in 2016, which increased by 45%. Now we can calculate tha our forklift market size will reach to 53 billion in 2020 (up by 60% compared with that in 2016), 78 billion in 2025.

Company perspective:     Keeping our leadership in this growing industry. From Chinese overall forklift sales in 2016, we took a proportion of 23%, keeping the first place in domestic industry, and eighth place in overseas market, making us the only one into global top 10 in China. Compared with large construction machinery such as excavator, forklift manufacture does not have big barrier, but it is quite difficult to reach a big size. Anhui HELI forklifts finished capacity expansion and national dealership net during the 12th Five-Year period, which can produce more than 100 thousand units. We have 24 provincial marketing organizations and more than 400 sales service networks. It contributes a lot to keeping our leadership in market through mass production and perfect sales networks.

We believe that forklift market still continue to increase and multiply itself with the improvement of manufacturing industry size and its permeability. As the leader, we have obvious competitive advantages and stable market share.

Post time: Jul-25-2017
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