Hyder Forklift Lives Up To Its Values and Promises

Hyder Forklift assures offering some of the best forklift trucks of all volumes and with suitability for various terrains. The company has been applauded worldwide for living up to its product and service quality.

Shanghai, China (February 27, 2017) – With a little over six years of establishment, Shanghai HYDER Industry Co. Ltd better known as HYDER Forklift, has already etched its name indelibly in the global forklift manufacturing market. This new yet steadily evolving endeavor presently manufactures some of the most popular and high quality forklift truck options that are heavily in demand the world over. This extensive rather nearly all inclusive catalogue presently houses products that range from reach forklifts and side loaders to gasoline forklifts, electric forklifts and many more.

While the extensiveness of the catalogue is in itself, worthy of commendation, the company has recently been in news for yet another reason that has everything to do with living up to its values and promises in terms of company values, quality standards, cost compatibility and most importantly, customer service. Since the day of its establishment till today, HYDER Forklift has been very attentive about living up to the assurance of offering maximum post-purchase support to clients even if it includes addressing queries and issues within 12 hours.

Technical and professional support that is provided to client companies on request has also been applauded at a global scale. Besides this, HYDER Forklift has accomplished feats as far as maintaining competitive pricing of all forklift products is concerned, and that too without compromising on the quality of manufacturing of the same. Not many other competing manufacturers in the market have managed to match such enhanced dedication to values and promises as has been accomplished by HYDER Forklift.

About Hyder Forklift:

Hyder Forklift is a China based forklift truck manufacturing company that was established in 2010. Over the past 6 years, this company has gained massive reputation for living up to its promised values in terms of product quality and customer service.

Visit http://www.cnhyder.com/ for more details on the company and products.   


Address: Room 605. #1 Building No 2449 Jinhai Road Pudong Distric Shanghai China 201209

Tel: +86-21-51135726

Email: info@hyderlift.com

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Website: www.hyderlift.com



Post time: Feb-28-2017
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