Hyder Forklift Forges Ahead With Exceptional Client Services

HYDER Forklift China has been offering very high quality services to domestic and international clients alike. Addressing problems within 12 hours of reporting is only one of them.

Shanghai, China (February 27, 2017) – Shanghai HYDER Industry Co. Ltd has lately been in news for all the right reasons. With a little over six years of establishment this leading manufacturer of HYDER branded forklift trucks has left its clients awestruck not just with an inexhaustible catalogue of relevant products but also very high quality client services that not many competitors have managed to match by miles.

At this very moment, Shanghai HYDER Industry Co. Ltd is largely approached for top products that range anywhere from gasoline forklift and electric options to side loaders and reach forklifts and many more. Global clients have largely appreciated the fact that this company offers all terrain forklifts of unsurpassed international standards that gets even better with the extensive and rather infallible client services available 24 / 7.

From among a series of advantages that client companies have been enjoying without fail, HYDER Forklift assures addressing client queries and issues (if any) within 12 hours of contact. Till date, this company has not failed to live up to this assurance. HYDER Forklift is also know for offering complete and all inclusive assistance to client companies if the latter requests support and training with respect to set up or usage. Be it pallet trucks or narrow aisle options or any others in the catalogue, the scope of client services remain indisputable in one and all.

Shanghai HYDER Industry Co. Ltd operates with a very compact team comprising of 23 international market employees, 12 logistic support personnel and 12 purchasing staff and technicians. Not many other competing entities in the market can be expected to reach this level of immaculateness with such condensed manpower.

About Hyder Forklift:

Hyder Forklift is a motivated Chinese company that manufactures high quality forklift trucks and associated accessories. The company has been widely famed for its infallible services that include prompt addressing of issues if any.

To know more about Shanghai HYDER Industry Co. Ltd (HYDER Forklift) visit www.cnhyder.com


Address: Room 605. #1 Building No 2449 Jinhai Road Pudong Distric Shanghai China 201209

Tel: +86-21-51135726

Email: info@hyderlift.com

Skype: hyder-forklift

Website: www.hyderlift.com




Post time: Feb-28-2017
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