How to maintain the electric forklift?

How to maintain the electric forklift?

After working for 500 hours, the electric forklift needs to have a regular maintenance. Forklift’s efficiency, life and safety all decided by daily maintenance. The quality could be guaranteed and make the electric forklift with more safety and economic performance


1.    Obey the stipulations of the safety working: it is allowed to repair the forklift only after Systematic learning

1)    Keep clean of the repairing site

2)    During repairing, not allowed to bring loosen article or valuables. When repairing the electric system of forklift, it will be occurred to Short circuit or combustion if the metal touches Energized electronic component. So please take away the swatch, earring or the other metal accessorial

3)    Please put away the plug and cut off the electricity before repairing.

4)    The electric forklift key switch should be switched off before opening the left and right box covers or the electrical system

5)    Before checking the hydraulic system, the fork should be lowered and the system pressure will be released

6)    Check the body leakage situation. please do not wipe paper or cardboard, directly contact by hand. Avoid scalding

7)    Please note that the oil temperature in the transmission or hydraulic system may be higher, the electric forklift should be cooled before changing gear oil or hydraulic oil to prevent the high oil temperature leading to combustion

8)    New cleaning oil should be added to the hydraulic system. If the hydraulic fluid is not clean, it will affect the precision of hydraulic components, so that the overall hydraulic system capacity decreased. If the use of different grades of hydraulic oil, hydraulic components damage, but also affect the system capacity. Therefore, when adding or replacing hydraulic fluids, pay attention to the use of uniform brands

9)    Please abide by the relevant laws and regulations, protect the environment, store and discharge oil as required, and do not discharge it to the sewer pipe

10)    The car body is welded and the battery power is disconnected. Because the welding current may enter the battery when welding, please disconnect the battery in order to avoid this case

11)    When the electric forklift truck is working, the forklift is firmly supported by a bracket. If the support is improper, the forklift will turn over and hurt people. If the forklift does not have lifting equipment or support. it is forbidden to work under the fork lift truck


1.      Cleaning of the electric forklift

It needs to be regular cleaning every week, which is very important to guarantee the reliability. Before cleaning to plug off the electric socket to avoid the electrical system is damaged by a short circuit.

Outside clean

1)       Remove attachments on the wheels every day to keep them flexible

2)       After cleaning, grease shall be added to the place where the forklift is to be lubricated according to the lubrication table

Cleaning electric component: Blow off motor dust with compressed air.

Watch out!

Electrical components should not be flushed with a high pressure irrigation device.          

Do not destroy electrical components on the circuit board. To keep the electrical components in place, avoid short circuits

Post time: Jul-17-2017
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