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Shanghai Hyder Industry Co, .Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HYDER), founded in 2010 in Shanghai and the predecessor is ShanghaiChallengeImported and Exported Co., Ltd in 2003.

I prodotti principali sono HYDER marca carrelli elevatori serie. Shanghai Hyder ha investito tre basi di produzione in Anhui e Shandong, che copre a combustione interna controbilanciati carrelli elevatori, batterie carrelli elevatori alimentati, attrezzature di movimentazione dei materiali e dei relativi pezzi di ricambio.

La sede di HYDER dell'Industria nel distretto di Pudong, Shanghai città, in possesso di 23 dipendenti del mercato internazionale, 12 personale di supporto logistico e 12 personale acquisto e tecnici. HYDER ha costruito una cooperazione lunga e stabile con molte imprese nazionali ben noti ed i nostri prodotti hanno superato la CE, TUV, GS e di terze parti test di istituto di rilevamento e certificato. HYDER possiede una squadra efficiente di alta e sistema di controllo completo e offre prodotti qualificati per i clienti in più di 30 paesi in cui la rete di vendita ha costruito.

Il cliente è primo, qualità è la nostra vita.

HYDER, una consegna efficace Risorsa!


HYDER – number one forklift truck manufacturers in China

HYDER company is one of the main leaders in the Chinese market. It offers a wide range of material handling and warehouse equipment, which will ensure the implementation of the variety of tasks needed for the proper work of your warehouse. While producing our trucks, we use only high-quality materials that are corrosion and mechanical damage resistant. Due to this very reason, we have become one of the most successful material handling equipment manufacturers in China.

Our products:

  • Internal combustion forklift trucks
  • Electric forklifts
  • Pallet trucks
  • Stackers
  • Other material handling equipment
  • Accessorio

Why choose us:

  • Reliability. Our forklift trucks and other equipment harmoniously combine simple design and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Time and nerve saving. You spend a minimum amount of time and money to maintain our storage equipment due to its high quality and long service life.
  • Wide assortment. Our assortment is really huge. We not only produce forklift trucks but also are large pallet truck exporter. Besides, you can be sure that, in case you need to replace any truck element, we always have in stock all the necessary spare parts.
  • Maneuverability. Improved maneuverability allows you to work even in warehouses where the free space is limited.
  • Versatility. You will be able to move any type of goods in any conditions.
  • Easy handling. The operation of our forklifts is always simple and easy, which, in turn, can increase the efficiency of the work being performed.
  • Budget-friendly price. We do not inflate the price of our products, always work honestly and professionally!

If you’re looking for the best supplier of material handling equipment, you are in the right place. By purchasing a forklift from us you not only get high-quality equipment at the best price but the whole range of services from our experts. With us, any technical solutions will become simple and accessible, and your business will thrive. Just contact us and you’ll be provided with a great opportunity to expand your business and bring the intralogistics of your companies/enterprise to a qualitatively new level!



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