Terrain Rough C3500-C10000

Terrain Rough C3500-C10000

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  • Rated capacity: 3500kg-10000kg
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    Hyder rough terrain forklift


     Terrain forklift is used at the airport, docks, station and other poor road conditions for material distributions. it has good maneuverability, reliable ability.
     Terrain forklift runs faster than ordinary forklift, their mobility is obvious with high engine power and terrain performance.
     They apply to the mountains, plateaus pavement, snow jobs, construction sites, mines, orchards pastures, rough roads and mining enterprises.
     The product can use Chinese Weichai、Yuchai engine(super-charged)and Cummins engines, it can meet different customers at home and abroad.
     We can supply rated capacity 3500kg、4000kg、5500kg、6000kg、8000kg and 10000kg for your choosing. For more details please feel free to contact with our sales team


    1. All-hydraulic steering system, greatly reduce operator fatigue; using transverse cylinder steering mechanism with reliable and compact structure.
    2. Digitized intelligent traffic monitoring system allows the operator to easily get forklift operation information, make forklift operation to achieve full control.
    3. Humanization design, using multifunction steering ,European-style instruments, and equipped with car cigarette lighter; luxurious seat with seat belts, joystick makes it easy, safe ,flexible to operate.
    4. Lengthened and widened wheelbase and wheel track , get better stability, more suitable for terrain conditions,
    5. Air filter with vacuum alarm, double filtration; external high exhaust muffler, plus a protective shield against hot, ensure security

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  •  The Specifications of Terrain Rough Forklift
    Item Unit C3500 C6000 C10000
    Rated Load kg 3500 6000 10000
    Length With Fork mm 5600 5800 6500
    WithoutFork mm 4300 4500 5270
    Width mm 2000 2500 2620
    Height mm 2750 3015 3050
    Max lifting Height mm 5150 5250 5450
    Wheel Base mm 2300 2300 2660
    Front Over hang mm 430 430 600
    Front Wheel tread mm 1750 1950 1850
    Back Wheel tread mm 1510 1700 1850
    Ground Clearance mm 300 320 390
    Max.lift Height mm 4000 4000 4000
    Operating Weighht kg 4840 6700 13500
    Max. Lift Speed mm/s 300 300 187
    Min.Turning Radius mm 4500 5290 5500
    Max.Speed km/h 25 25 25
    Max Climbing Speed % 20 20 20
    Max Traction With Load kn 30 30 75
    Load Center Distance mm 500 500 500
    Engine Model WHEICHAI 4100TUBO-Charged YCD4J22T-115 DEUTZ ENGINE–WP6G125E22
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